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2018 All Ewe Need Is Love

2018 All Ewe Need Is Love

2018 "All Ewe Need Is Love," is a one-of-a-kind Pinot Noir release for a special cause. When we brought on our talented vineyard and farm assistant Elise Hansen, we had plans to purchase a flock of sheep for our farm, as a step towards thoughtful implementation of an animal component to our farm individuality. With the uncertainty surrounding coronavirus, we had to eliminate the sheep program for this Spring, focusing on the more manageable introduction the chickens and soon ducks to our site, as well as the development of the Farm Share.

We created this special release of Pinot Noir as a way to raise money for our continued efforts to nurture our site and diversify our farm system. Every penny from the sales of this wine will go towards the development of infrastructure for our sheep and poultry project, as well as the improvement and scaling of our Farm Share, so we can offer the experience to more of our community in the future. It is a youthful and vibrant bottling of Pinot Noir, something of a rarity at Johan, which reminds us that Pinot Noir can be as whimsical and fun as the label suggests.

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Pinot Noir
Van Duzer Corridor
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